Evil mom

mom: I really need to pee.

kid: amma…please can’t you say that decently?

mom: Ok. I really need to tinkle.

kid: No..that’s worse.

mom: Ok. My kidney just filtered my blood and wants to get rid of the waste…


A murder of crows- Literally


Do you know the saying “you look like something the cat brought in”? I do.

Originally posted on Valar's blog:

Dawn approached. The crows woke and decided to impress upon us their melodious voices. Da di dum!!! The orchestra started playing. “Caaa caaa caaaaw” they sang. The mother woke up with a groan. ” OLD CA CRO-OW HAD A TREE! CA CA CA CA CAAAAAW” they sang.

Another voice joined the chorus. ” MEEEEEEEEOW!!!”. That was the cat. The mom took that to mean it was hungry. I however knew that it was a cry of pain. Which cat with ears would NOT be in pain listening to that horrible sound!

The dad had also woken. He entered the room looking dazed.



The mother dumped milk in a bowl and reached for the door. Then she froze. I did too. The song had changed.



I looked out of the window…

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Silence is good and other matters

I could hide behind the kid’s summer vacation to explain my silence here, but I would be lying.  The kid is no longer a child that needs a maternal hovercraft around; in fact, she could do with a little less of my company now, and more of her friends, if I can extrapolate the amount of time she is spending “chatting” with her friends online. Apart from the swimming sessions and an occasional foot ball match in our yard during which we trip each other and get bruised all over, we are happy being out of each other’s hair.

The silence is an outcome perhaps of the amount of writing and editing I have been doing professionally that the idea of writing any more makes me want to curl up – do you remember an episode of friends where the gynecologist tells a very flirty Rachel (who is a waitress at a coffee shop, if you didn’t know) “well aren’t there times when you come home at the end of the day, and you’re just like, “If I see one more cup of coffee..””?  Right, this never used to be an issue in the past – some of my longest (and best if I say so myself) posts were written during deadline times where I was penning 20000 words/day professionally – I can only conclude that the ageing grey cells do not have the stamina they used to have.  Or, priorities have transposed a bit. Or both.

The summer continues to be comfortable, apart from the couple of hours at night when, much against the kid’s begging (she is into the lets-save-the-earth phase, I hope it lasts), we cool ourselves and pollute our atmosphere using our A/C. The famed kathri (hottest) bit of summer starts today and will be with us for another fortnight, but I have noticed in the past few years, that it really hots up AFTER the kathri period.  But, as my daughter would say, whatevs !

Every summer, the kid, her very first friend in life, M, M’s mom and I would spend a day at some fun place.  If you had followed this blog, last year was a Rajasthani exhibition type place (God, I have forgotten the name; I could google it up, but hey if I can, you can too) where we rode camels.  The year before was Mahabhalipuram and Dakshin Chitra. Today we went to a water theme park called Kishkinta.  I am told Kishkinta is a couple of decades old, but given that my nose was buried in academic pursuits at that time, I am not surprised I was not aware of it.  Once I locked up that part of the brain that notices possible contaminated water, crowd, and junk food, it was super fun.  The kids had a blast, and the other mom and I, who are water animals by nature, had our fill of it as well – we not only jumped around in the water, but played water see-saw and slides, despite the grey hairs in the crown.  But just as important as the fun we had was the fun everyone there seemed to have.  Just five minutes of observing people showed me what unbridled joy means.  Water is indeed a great leveler of caste, creed, sex and age.

Toodle-oo for now. I will most probably go into hibernation again.  But as Arny said, I’ll be back.