Full Golu 2012

I remember a Wodehouse short story where a struggling painter would be asked by his wealthy uncle to paint the latter’s baby son, with promise of sustenance.  The portrait would turn out pretty sad, and before showing it to his uncle, the painter would tell him that the portrait may be a bit shocking from close quarters and he might want to stand a bit further to enjoy it.  On seeing the portrait, the uncle would gasp and say something like he’d like to see it from afar – so far that he’d need a telescope to see it.

This prelude is to warn you that the rangoli* of Pandurangan and Rukmayee** that you see below must be seen from really really really far off, so that it appears as a microscopic dot, if you want to actually appreciate it.  At close quarters, both Pandurangan and Rukmayee look, let’s say, skewed, if not positively ugly.  However, I decided to keep it in the golu display out of respect for the 2 solid hours I spent making it.

Now there, I’ve said it myself.  So, you don’t have to be polite.

The following is the “park” set up by the kid.  If you see carefully, you’ll realise that we are a secular family – there is a Christian wedding alongside a Hindu temple, alongside a temple of the Laughing Buddha.

So, the entire golu looks thus:

Rain is playing spoil sport.  I had planned to visit a dozen friends/relatives today.  Not fair.

* Rangoli: Decorative designs made on horizontal surfaces with colour powder.

** Pandurangan and Rukmayee: Krishna and Rukmani, two Hindu deities, worshiped at Pandaripuram.

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About LG

LG is a science content developer/publisher, lives by deadlines and pretends to be the life and soul of the party. Between deadlines she is comatose and must be scraped off any horizontal surface on which she may be . Her clients believe that she specializes in advanced materials, but she thinks that she is just having fun with words and ideas. And it actually pays. When she is not writing and publishing,she is entertaining her toddler preschooler kindergartner, first, second third fourth fifth class wannabe-writer, or incinerating stuff in the kitchen or going for long long long walks with her dude in the protected forest area in which she lives. A lot about her is at https://babblogue.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to Full Golu 2012

  1. As someone who cannot draw a straight line or have the patience to color a square I would give A+ for the effort and an A for the drawing! Love the secular family park

  2. Belated Navarathri, Lakshmi.

    Jennifer Kumar

  3. Vidya says:

    You must surely be kidding! Even before I read the post, my eyes fell on the Pandurangan and clicked on it for a better view. Its an awesome piece of work. Wait till I meet you sometime and give one kuttu for being so humble and all that, hmpf! The Golu is beautiful. I even like the color of your flooring. Red oxide?

    • LG says:

      Yes, Red Oxide is simply awesome, no? Too bad at our campus, all red oxide floors are being slowly replaced by tiles (ugly ones at that). We are holding on to the red-oxide for dear life. When we rebuild/remodel our own house, only red oxide will be allowed !
      Thanks. No humility or anything…I seriously think P and his wife were crooked.

  4. Maha says:

    I would like to join Vidya for the kuttu on your head. The rangoli is simply beautiful!

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